Pre-Montessori Room

The Pre-Montessori Room is a gentle introduction to Montessori education where child can begin the fun of learning. Class work is structured so that the children spend time interacting with each other and getting an education.

Children begin to prepare for school at this age. Class takes place between 9.30 and 11.30 am. We all sit down together and do various fun activities to expand our concentration periods and enjoy learning new games and songs together.

Our ethos at The Nest has always been the Montessori method and we believe the child is never too young to begin his education!

The Pre-Montessori room has lots of great games for your child to play, both on his own and in a group. We encourage the child to decide himself what he would like to use.

At this stage we also introduce your child to Montessori’s practical life material. This involves teaching the child to care for himself, his friends and the environment around him while increasing his concentration span and starting his love of learning.